QUINNS Cleans The Beach

Well hello. Come help us clean Ocean Beach this Saturday November 14th at 11am. We're getting there early to set up and will be there till 2:30PMish. We'd love your help!

We'll feed you tacos. We'll give you beer (if you're 21+, and soda if you're not). Whoever cleans the most trash gets a free blanket and whoever eats the most tacos gets a free shirt. Please spread the word and reach out to contact@quinnscollection.com or Maddie at 310-766-0178 if you'd like to help. 


Thank you Chase for the poster!! Check him out at www.chasegrammer.work

THANK YOU! (& a glimpse behind the scenes at QUINNS)

Okay wow. We've officially been open for 40 days. This is way past overdue but I have to say THANK YOU to all of you. Our friends, families, and everyone involved in the QUINNS community has been so supportive and involved since the beginning.

<<<Soo in celebration of our 40 days we're giving a discount code that will work for the next 40 hours (until Saturday 9/24 at 8pm PST)! Use the code QUINNS40 at checkout for 10% off the entire site>>>

There's a few people in particular that deserve speciallllllll mention.. Obviously the team Roxcy, Makayla, Jamie, & Rachael (I'll fully introduce them later), then Piz for being our best customer, Breanne & Kate for help with everything and for being models, Em & Lainers for spreading the word in DC, Kathy, Alex, & Katie for spreading the word in LA, Alex H. for spreading the word in Chicago, Jessica, Dana, Claire, Jess J., & Madeline for spreading the word in NYC, Tom & Chase for advice with the site, Aleigh & Daniel for help with photos, and Annika for spreading the word on YouTube! 

We are having so much fun and truly could not do this without you guys. So thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!

We thought we'd give ya'll a little behind the scene look at how we're running things at QUINNS. Since we have a teeny tiny budget we've quickly learned how to creatively cut costs.

This is our 'warehouse'. AKA a bunch of boxes that we got on sale at Target stuffed into my studio apartment. We keep all of the bigger items in a storage closet in Makayla's apartment and drive between the two apartments a few nights a week to fill and ship orders.  

QUINNS Warehouse

Our 'office' is just my desk or a bunch of pillows thrown on the floor depending on how many of us are working. We shoot most of our product photos in the trash yard behind my apartment. There's good lighting in the mornings and the wooden staircase is a nice backdrop once we've cleaned up all the trash.

Here's my friend Daniel helping with some of the shots. As you can see our set up is suuuuper fancy..  poster from CVS, natural lighting, and some tape.  

QUINNS Behind the Scenes

Stella (the 'office' gremlin) either creepily stares at us from the stairs or tries to lick the camera lens. Things are always entertaining around here. 

QUINNS gremlin Stella
QUINNS gremlin Stella

Shooting around San Francisco is the best part and we love getting photos of QUINNS from our friends.




Thanks for reading our first little post. I'm so excited to read back through this tomorrow and cringe at my spelling mistakes. So that's pretty much it, there's nothing fancy and we're having so much fun with it. Thanks again to all of you! We're so excited for what's to come.