It's cool to care about who and what created the items we wear and use, so reach out if you ever have a question and we'll get right back to ya. 


Our jewelry boxes and all product packaging materials are made at home in the USA from recycled materials. Our business cards, receipts, and other promotional materials are always printed on recycled paper and with recycled ink when it's an option.  

 We donate a portion of proceeds to organizations working to end child homelessness. Again, we thoroughly research each organization before donating biannually. We currently donate to the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco, check out the amazing work they do here! 

We pride ourselves on being an ethical company, but what does that mean exactly? For starters it means we care about people before anything else. Our mission is to make sure that the people who create our pieces are protected and that the people who purchase our pieces are happy. 

We thoroughly research every single item before it is added to our collection and ever piece is ethically sourced or fair trade certified. This ensures that the people who create the pieces are paid fair wages in safe working environments, and the materials they use are safe and usually sustainable. 


Have a product or organization you think aligns with QUINNS? Drop us a line and we'll check it out!